Tales from a cashier

Me: i don't wanna go to work

Mom: but think of the money

Me: it's not worth the money


why i’ll never work at fast foods


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Shout out to the lady who ignored my deer in the headlights expression and continued to ask me questions about flowers as she walked away.


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i’m always really conflicted when attractive people come through my till at work. like yay something nice to look at, but also i forget how to speak and how to bag groceries and my conversations end up like this
hi how is you, want bag?, total is: um what are numbers, and look what i’m wearing. the redness of my blush really compliments my bright green apron and men’s work pants.

10 things your cashier probably wants to murder you for:


  1. talking on your phone
  2. talking on your phone
  3. shushing them while you continue TALKING ON YOUR PHONE
  4. screaming hellspawn children
  5. children that are running all over the freaking place
  6. talking on your phone
  7. not writing down the codes for bulk items
  8. talking on your phone
  9. "Are you pregnant"
  10. did I mention talking on your phone?


Please fire me. I just had a customer yell at me for 15 minutes solely for the fact that I touched his limes and those were his, not mine. I’m a cashier at a grocery store.